After years of campaigning for the United States Postal Service to issue a spay/neuter postage stamp, International Society for Animal Rights’ efforts, with the help of others, were rewarded in September 2002 by the Service’s issuance of two such stamps, one depicting a puppy and the other a kitten. The humane educational value of these stamps cannot be underestimated, since the stamps’ printing was in the range of some 80 to 100 million each.

International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) has long stressed the correlation between the overpopulation of dogs and cats and the cruelties visited upon them, and the adverse impact on the public health, safety, welfare and environment. While overpopulation’s unfortunate and damaging consequences are everywhere to be seen and experienced in the United States, the fate of unwanted dogs and cats elsewhere in the world, sadly in your country as well as ours, is nothing short of horrendous, as those of us who care about the wellbeing of those animals know only too well.

For any organization, ISAR included, to engage in overpopulation and spay/neuter public education in other countries around the world enormous human and financial resources would be required. As a practical matter, with so much to be done in the United States, little overpopulation-spay/neuter public education can be done abroad. But there is something that can be done to send the spay/neuter message to countless of people around the world, and at no cost to American animal rights organizations or other countries…….

Issuance of a spay/neuter stamp by the hundred-plus countries throughout the world.

Stamps issued by sovereign nations serve the purpose of raising the consciousness of the millions who use and see them. A commemorative stamp carrying the “Spay/Neuter” message issued by your country would provide a way to educate your public on dog and cat overpopulation.

Hundreds of millions throughout the United States and abroad have seen the American stamp, while worldwide  a Cayman Islands stamp depicting the spay/neuter message had been produced and circulated. With a spay/neuter stamp issued by your country the educational value of the spay/neuter message will extend worldwide and serve to educate more people on the importance of spaying and neutering. The impact on dog and cat population could be substantial.

(Please forward this to others who may be sympathetic to our cause.)


WHEREAS, the problem of dog and cat overpopulation is widespread throughout the world, and

WHEREAS, unwanted dogs and cats, through no fault of their own, have an adverse impact on the public health, safety, welfare and environment, and

WHEREAS, unwanted dogs and cats experience suffering and untimely, and often cruel, deaths, and

WHEREAS, one method of reducing these problems is through spay/neuter programs, and

WHEREAS, for such programs to be created and implemented, the world-wide public’s awareness of the spay/neuter message must be heightened, and

WHEREAS, one method of heightening that awareness is through the production of national postage stamps carrying the spay/neuter message,

NOW, THEREFORE, we the undersigned, hereby petition the Honorable Postage Authorities for the creation and issuance of a postage stamp carrying the spay/neuter message.


* * *