In our Summer 2019 Newsletter, ISAR announced that due to the success of the first ISAR, Lewis & Clark scholarship, we offered an additional Animal Law LL.M scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year.  The International Society for Animal Rights/Alice Herrington Memorial Scholarship—appropriately named for the late Alice Herrington, like the late Helen Jones another pioneer of the animal rights movement—was awarded to an outstanding candidate, Chilean Attorney Diego Plaza.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Plaza completed his LL.M studies at Lewis & Clark Law School in May where he graduated with honors and received the Cornelius Honor Society distinction for his leadership and academic excellence.

Since returning home to Chile, Attorney Plaza founded the Center for Chilean Animal Law Studies CEDA Chile (Centro de Estudios de Derecho Animal CEDA Chile in Spanish), the first center specialized in Chilean animal law and is working on several legal research-based projects. In addition to the Animal Law center, he has been invited as a guest lecturer in animal law courses taught by Chilean universities and is collaborating on international animal projects.

Mr. Plaza acknowledges his gratitude to ISAR stating:

I think it is enough for you to get a sense of the tremendous impact that your aid is having — and will have — on non-human animals. For me, the possibility of having studied at Lewis & Clark and CALS was a turning point in my professional, intellectual and philosophical development, and none of this would have been possible without your help, your vision, and of course, all the work that you have developed for years.

I think it is impossible for me to find the proper words of appreciation to express what I feel. ISAR will always be an important part of my life and I hope to be a rightful successor to your work and legacy. I hope that one day I will be able to do the same for others, and in this way contribute to the improvement of the relationship between human and non-human animals, from the field of law and from other fields of action. 

ISAR is proud to have played an important role in advancing animal law, and the interests of animals through the legal system in Chile.


* * *